Holiday Pop-Up Shop - KEEPS

Keeps is a growing selection of things we like
from / with people we know and like.
Rare and uncommon, limited-edition work created by artists and designers
Each Keeps offering is just a glimpse of the work by these artists and designers. 

TREES Norwest Series by Brendon Farrell and Javid Howell
Visit the KEEPS site and find them at our Holiday Pop-UP!

Holiday Pop-Up Vendor- Nom and Ada

"We offer quality footwear within the realm of capturing nostalgic means in our lives. We stand for timeless design. In appreciation for experiences had, we remember the past. Through our passion for travel, we search for the new. Both are the integral sources of inspiration that we bring to the NOM&ADA family. Our lighthearted, yet sustainable-inspired approaches are extensions of the diverse lifestyle we're a part of."

Visit the Nom and Ada site and find them at our Holiday Pop-Up.

Holiday Pop-Up Vendor - Takara

"Takara is inspired by traditional craft techniques and meditative working processes. Each piece is handmade in a small workshop in Portland, OR. This collection combines the traditional Japanese braiding technique, kumihimo, with natural dye processes and hand- hammered metals. Amulets are bound by intricate silk cord, elemental shapes hang from gold wire. Logwood, alkanet, cutch, kamala and sandalwood lend rich color to the fiber, articulating a vital connection to the natural world.

The artist behind Takara is Jen Goff, a West Coast native currently residing in Portland, OR. Her travels have led her all across the world, where she has worked on farms and gardens, shot rolls of film, bypassed fancy education, studied medicinal herbs, walked hundreds of miles, sat silent in meditation and finally settled down to make jewelry. Jen’s working process is intuitive and expresses a desire to connect beauty with everyday life through objects of personal adornment."

Visit the Takara site for more info and photos.
available at the Holiday Pop-Up!


Holiday Pop-Up Vendor - plainMADE

 "At plainMADE we traffic in ideas and trade in the handmade. All our designs are concept-based, knit, sewn and silkscreened in small editions in our studio in Portland, OR. We are devoted to the art of craft, slowly and thoughtfully designing each piece. By keeping our collections small and our practice close to home, we are able to dream up something new and bring it to completion within a few weeks. So stop by online, or drop in for tea...we can almost guarantee there will be a surprise!"

visit the plainMADE site for more.
and find some of these lovely scarves at our Holiday Pop-Up!

Holiday Pop-Up Vendor - Vitrified Studio


"vitrifiedstudio is a small home based ceramics studio located in Portland Oregon founded in 2011.  All of the work is all limited production, high quality studio ceramics handmade and designed by me, Shelley Martin. These handmade studio ceramics are an alternative to the high volume mass produced repetitive work you find in other studios, workshops, and factories. I have no assistants, beyond photography guidance by my boyfriend, Mitch Snyder. Each piece is unique, considered, and made only using my hands, the pottery wheel, a few simple tools, local clay, food safe glazes and natural cork stoppers.

All of the ceramics are handmade in my backyard studio.  The clay used is colored stoneware and porcelain from the Pacific Northwest. The glazes are food safe and lead free. All of the work is glaze fired in my electric kiln to cone 4-6 depending on the clay's chemistry.  I really love that I am merely continuing a tradition that has been going on for thousands of years, making simple pots formed with my hands and clay, on the potter's wheel. "

You can find out more about Shelley and vitrified studio on her site.
And to see her work in person come by our Holiday Pop-Up Shop on Dec 1 and 2.